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Hey Scurly People! 

It’s such a pleasure having you back here! 

I’d like to ask both you and me a question:

Why do we say NO to curly hair?

Let’s think about it together!

As I told you in my first article, my curls had really lived the tortures of the damned before becoming as they are today. 

Why did I think that being curly haired was unlucky while straightening my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY was okay? Was it just to feel more confident about myself?

“Lucky those friends who have their hair as smooth as silk!” This was what I used to tell myself, until I started to appreciate my own genes and learnt to love how my hair naturally looks.

The main problem is accepting ourselves in today’s society and it will become harder and harder as time passes!

The starting point is understanding who you really are and being conscious that you have the right to express yourself AS YOU WANT and ESPECIALLY TO LOVE YOURSELF!!

It could seem cheesy to somebody but hair is part of our personality.

So, why do we neglect ourselves ?!

In my view there are several reasons which bring someone to straight their own curls. 

Let’s check them out:



-Pressure from society  (hairdressers firstly)

-Lack of time

-Lack of knowledge


-Disappointing results

Basically these 6 points contain the main causes of mistreatment. 

Here’s a photo of me a long time ago and another one of me today. 

There’s a lot of difference, isn’t there?

Actually, I love myself more now.


In the next articles I’m gonna explain to you step by step every single point of the list and why, in my opinion, you should change your mindset right now!

So throw away your straightening irons and hide them in a DARK, DARK place and prepare yourself to get CURLY.

If you’ve already started your curl journey or you are in the middle of it or you just have the intention of starting it, give me your take on it! 

Drop by right here or wherever!

Your fussy Scurly girl.

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