why say no to curls – unconsciousness


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Hey Scurly People!

We’re here again to put our “psychology hats on”!

Today we’re talking about the first point of my list “why say NO to curls?

Let’s take a look together!

I wish I could change your mind…


Alright, you could ask unconsciousness about what?

That’s easy, just about being curled! 

Let me give you an example: since I was a child, I’ve always had straight hair. Not because I wanted it to be like that or I was fussy about it but just because my mom (unconsciously curled as well) didn’t know!

She just neither knew I was curled and neither how to treat curls. 

 You could be curled without knowing it!

I’ve always had frizz in the back of my head and I hated it. So I used to use my straightener iron with over 300 degrees (I SWEAR, I KNOW I WAS CRAZY) to let my hair become beautiful SPAGHETTI!

My suggestion is: observe as much as you can your hair.

Let me give you an ADVICE: after your shampoo, try to SCRUNCH your hair while it’s SUPER SOAKED

Scrunching the hair consists of crumpling up a strand of hair with your hand from the bottom to the top. You could scrunch staying upside down if you want more volume or not if not required.

I’m gonna show you how I do scrunch with a quick demonstration!

In the case your hair will remain curled or waved there could be a good possibility for you to be naturally curled or wavy

Try to put aside your hair dryer and iron straightener for a while and use a diffuser!

Below a few steps to follow in order to have BEAUTIFUL ringlets and curls:

– Use a gel and a cream or a leave in conditioner as styling products

Comb your hair to distribute the whole product


– Use a diffuser at low speed and medium air

– NEVER touch your hair while you’re drying it, neither with your hands and diffuser

– Check out your result and keep trying!

In the next articles I’m gonna explain to you how I take away the CAST effect, how I give my crown VOLUME and DEFINITION!

Share with me your result, I’m so curious to see!


Drop by right here or wherever! 

Your Fussy Scurly girl

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