Say goodbye to scissors – update #2


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foto update 2 addio alle forbici

Update #2


Hey Scurly People!

We’re back again today in my series: “Say goodbye to scissors‘” in which I’m gonna update you about the style and routine I’m using lately. 

I had my hair done last week and I got highlights to add a bit of colour to my hair. 

I went to the hairstylist being totally conscious of what I should have done before and after the appointment! 

Decoloring your hair, even just a little bit, damages it. 

That’s the reason why I decided to use proteins

It’s pretty difficult to have a good relationship with proteins because you have to find a balance between moisture and them.. 

Firstly, hair is made mostly of keratin (a protein) in a percentage ranging from 63% to 96%. 

Climate factors, heat, and of course, decolorations are the main causes of hair’s damage and they weaken proteins bonds that hair naturally have . 

When we introduce proteins with products or treatments, they create a protective barrier for our hair fibre and also fix the damage.

That’s why I used my Shea Moisture leave in conditioner (which is a protein galore) before my appointment at the hairstylist even if I have low porosity hair so I don’t need too much nutrition. 

Today, after a couple of days after my decoloration, I’ve used again the Shea Moisture as a rinse out conditioner as well as a leave in styler

Then I put my Gcube gel which includes some proteins too. 

I basically filled up my curls of proteins!

The result is stunning, I got healthy, flexible, defined and shining curls! 

I will keep using protein products and, before going into overprotein, I’m gonna put on a moisturizing mask without them!

In the forthcoming articles I’ll explain to you this pretty difficult subject, how to find a balance between protein and moisture and how to read the INCI list in your products! 

Drop by right here or wherever! 

Your Fussy Scurly girl. 


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