why say no to curls? #3


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why say no to curls3

Hey Scurly People!

We’re back today to put our “psychology hats on” again! 

We’re gonna talk about the second point of my list “why say NO to curls?”.

Alright, I’m warning you: today’s word is really awful and scares a lot of people but let’s deal with it! 

I’m talking about..


I still remember the shocked faces of the people when I told them I was actually curled because I ALWAYS wore straight hair.

Those shocked faces were funny to me, even more so because I liked to tell them “I don’t like curly hair”. If I had to tell you why I wouldn’t know. 

I just know that I gave a big slap to the face of the old me and I regret everything that I used to do and say about my hair. Nowadays I LOVE it!

It is very common to find photos of beautiful hairstyles on the internet. You can find the wave effect created with hair dryers and hair straightener literally everywhere. 

It’s inevitable not thinking that a hair like the ones in those pics is amazing because it seems super sinuous, shiny but especially COMBED

While being curled means dealing with frizzness, cast effect, definition, flat roots but most of all… the famous day after hair! 

Everything has a solution, you just need to understand what your hair needs and gotta have a lot of patience and care

Is it worth it to use heat to have “fake” but damaged curls? Or is it better to have beautiful and HEALTHY ones? 

Is it worth it to have straightening keratin treatments and to say goodbye to your natural waves? Don’t you think it’s better to start using proteins correctly in order to make your curls more elastic?

Let’s care about ourselves from A to Z. Let’s try to be healthy even if we talk about hair. It’s not just hair. 

You won’t do other than boost your self-confidence and feel more beautiful but mostly YOURSELF. 

You could become the best version of yourself! The main mindset to have is not giving up at the first results you will see and keep trying!

Let me know what you think about it and add your opinion! 

Drop by right here or wherever!

Your Fussy Scurly girl

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