Say goodbye to scissors #3


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Hey Scurly People!

We’re back again today in a new episode of my “Say goodbye to scissors” collection!

As I already told you in the previous update I had a hair decoloration done so I decided to use protein products, to get my hair back in shape.

I gotta be honest, I have hated proteins before but nowadays I can’t live without them. 

I disliked them because I included them in my routine in the wrong way and wrong moment

Basically I started including proteins when I had healthy hair and I rarely had decolorations done. Due to the state of my hair, I actually needed only a few proteins, but since I wasn’t able to read my products’ INCI, I made a big mess! I used shampoo, leave in conditioner and gel! Basically all products that have proteins in them!

I really messed everything up because my hair became hard and dry and had no more definition!

I’m so glad I can balance proteins and moisture now, so I’m able to introduce and subtract them to have beautiful results!

During my last wash day routine I applied:

Vitamin Low Poo Shampoo by Curls

Purifying Mask Total Green by GCUBE

Leave in Shea Moisture Jamaican black Castor oil

Gel As I am Curling Jelly 

My Pro Diffon Ceramic argan oil Bellissima 

After that, I brushed my curls with a wide tooth comb in order to gain definition and scrunched my hair while it was still soaking wet. 

I personally avoid using of any microfibre cloths or old T-shirts to dry my hair because they bring me frizz, I just microplop my curls when I want more volume.

I strongly prefer styling my hair immediately after washing it! Why don’t you try this technique and let me know? I swear, this has been a huge game changer for me!

Also, I put my Diffon on a low speed to have beautiful and defined curls (less volumed tho’).

I’ve posted my results on my Instagram account,

if you want, go check them out


Let me know if you have ever tried one of those products and if you liked them!

Drop by right here or wherever!

Your Fussy Scurly girl

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