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Pressione da parte degli altri

Hey Scurly People!

Welcome back to  a new article of our series named “Psychology time” so let’s put our psychology hats on and let’s get started!

The third point of my list “why say NO to curly hair?” is…


Poor Hairdressers, I don’t wanna blame them but I actually did it … so…

When we’re already insecure about something  it is inevitable not being influenced by other people’s judgment.

As I already told you, we can find on the internet beautiful waves basically everywhere! But all made with a hair straightener

That means HEAT. 

Let’s add more to this unconscious pressure:

– Your friends telling you “you’d be beautiful with wavy or straight hair” 

– Your boyfriend who dislikes curls

– Last but not least hairstylists asking and chuckling at you “how do you want me to dry your hair?”

I swear I’ll NEVER change my mind, I want CURLY HAIR!

They even say so if I just got my hair DECOLORED!!!

Why should I bring heat to my hair and keep damaging it right after a decoloration?

We need to have knowledge about how to treat a hair after a decoloration treatment and learn how to use proteins

I’d already mentioned proteins with you in my UPDATE series but we’ll soon talk about them! 

Let’s say for example that I’m a person who doesn’t know a whole lot about curls:

I ask my hairdresser to dry my hair wavy or straight with a hair dryer and hair straighten after I had a  decoloration done. 

My wash day comes and I’ll get a terrible result, so I decide to straighten my hair and I keep doing it and doing it.

What I do is basically saying goodbye to my natural curls and it will take me a long time to get my curls back

Let’s find out! 

After a decoloration treatment we always need to introduce proteins because our hair gets severely damaged  and our curls lose elasticity

We have to give our hair a break, since we are still at the salone let’s make the right choice! 

Alright, it’s ascertained that 90% of times we won’t get out of the salone 100% satisfied!


Because hairdressers don’t know how  to dry curly hair correctly!

I think this is intolerable .

I’ve been to several hairstylists but the majority of them did a really bad job. 

The main characteristics of my hair dried at their salone were: dry, frizzy, not defined and non shiny curls. They were basically A MESS. 

Unfortunately it is so difficult to find someone who dries your hair properly. 

Below the most common errors made by hairdressers in my point of view:

– Not brushing hair (neither with hands)

– Using creams, leave in conditioners which are just not appropriate because they are too heavy or too light  

– Not using a gel to create CAST EFFECT  which is ESSENTIAL (you can get rid of it after your hair is 100% dry) 

– Not SCRUNCHING your hair, scrunching is just a must!

– Using a diffuser with the air on full blast, how wreakless!

– Keep touching your hair while drying it, A NIGHTMARE! Leave that hair alone!

THINKING THEY DID A GOOD JOB, no comment haha, most of the time I just keep in the tears.

I know, I know the last point is mean but I swear that I keep having my fingers crossed while staying at the salone! I’m kidding…not really.

I don’t wanna OBVIOUSLY put everyone into the same basket but lots of hairdressers are very uninformed regarding curls. 

It’s such a pity and it is so sad that I wanna go home to wash my hair or I should stay home for the next 3 days. 

Years back, I’d just get my hair straightened because it was just the easiest way out, but nowadays I just love my curls  too much to betray them like that. 

Hey I know what you’re thinking! It’s a love relationship I have right here! Don’t judge me hahaha!

What about you? How do you want your hair to be dried when you are at the salone?

Do you like how your hairstylist dries your curls? If so, you are so lucky!

Let me know your personal experience by leaving a comment! 

As always, drop by right here or wherever!

Your Fussy Scurly Girl.

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