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immagine mancanza di tempo

Hey Scurly People!

How are you? We’re back today in our little nook of “psychology time”.

In this pill we’re dealing with the fourth point of my list “why say NO to curls?”

I’m talking about:


First of all, what do I mean with lack of time?

Just not having time to take care of curly hair. 

I gotta admit it, I’ve been lucky to start my “curly hair journey” during a long period of pause. I started it in December 2019 and I got lots of time to try out and learn new techniques during the quarantine of March 2020.

It would be ideal for you to start your transition during a calm and not stressful time period. 

The truth is that curly hair needs more attention differently from straight hair, let’s make an example: 

the first thing I’d do is brush my hair if I had straight hair. Et voilà, I would immediately be ready! 

While, we curly heads, have to do something which reactivates our elasticity.

The steps that I follow during my quick REFRESH are:

  • I use a water spray in order to let my hair get soaked
  • I apply a leave in conditioner
  • I brush my hair with my hands or a wide tooth comb
  • I scrunch my curls
  • I dry my hair with a diffuser not touching my curls

I guarantee you will have a WOW VOLUME!

Of course, refreshing takes time (not that much, it usually takes 30 minutes to me) but it’s the secret to have perfect curls every single day, not just on your wash day. 

Another good idea would be the use of a turban or a satin bonnet to preserve your curls during the night and avoid the frizz effect the day after. 

Yeah, it is just a bit uneatheatic… you’d better sleep solo but… what wouldn’t we do for our curls!

You could also choose some hairstyles like Messy bun, Ponytail scarf, 90’s clip , Headband, Halfup half down.

Take a look at these hairstyles on my instagram profile and try ‘em

Let me know if you like them!

Drop by right here or wherever.

Your Fussy Scurly girl.

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