It’s such a pleasure to host you here for a bit and, since I’m a great host (I really am… I swear!), I’m so glad to introduce myself to you.

My name’s Sabrina, I’m Italian and I have been alive for a quarter of a century!

I mean, yeah, I’m 25, in a nutshell… I’m a sweet and bitter Aquarius for those who want to know. But I’ll just be sweet with you, Io giuro!

Just joking, I’m the type of person who, if really interested in something, gets obsessed with that topic otherwise doesn’t care at all.

So, I’m totally obsessed with my hair.


When I say obsessed, I mean positively obsessed…

I’ve got 3a-3b curly hair, but it hasn’t always been like that!

I know you know nothing about it! 

I could consciously say that it has experienced the Third world war.

I’ve always worn straight hair since I was a child, not knowing I was naturally curled. I couldn’t do without hair straightener, I used to love the carrè haircut as well as bangs, discolorations and vice-versa… but there was a particular which has always been with me: I am talking about split ends, of course!

I used to associate straight hair to being pretty, to look good and be cool. I was just totally ignoring the fact that I had dry and dull hair. It just had no form whatsoever. 

Omg, there’re so many bad memories about it.

One day something suddenly changed, something triggered in me and I felt ready to start my change; “my curly hair journey” and I could never be happier than how I’m nowadays!

I’ve learnt so many things by reading up and gaining experience on myself. 

I’d like to share my journey with you as well, not only with my poor friends who have as smooth as silk hair!

You could have some beautiful curls playing hide and seek, and you don’t know, let’s find it out together!

passami a trovare right here or wherever!

your fussy scurly girl

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