a beautiful story of a few strands of hair

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hey there scurly people!

Here I am to introduce myself to you all: my name’s Sabrina and I’m totally obsessed with my curly hair.

I can explain, I promise.

The truth is that I particularly, genuinely but literally fond of my curls.

Nowadays I’m glad to have 3a-3b curls but my hair hasn’t always been like that !

I know you know nothing about it!

I could consciously say that my hair has experienced world war III.

Then one day, out of the blue, I’ve decided to start “my curly hair journey” so HERE I AM to share with the world my personal experience and my passion!

You could have some beautiful curls playing hide and seek with you and still don’t know.

Let’s find it out together!

Your fussy Scurly girl.


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